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GlobalHelpPays is a global platform designed to EDUCATE, MENTOR and SUPPORT young entrepreneurs around the world especially in developing countries transform their business dreams and ideas into reality. Recent business survey in African countries reveals that only about 5% of businesses established survive after the first 5 years of their operation…READ MORE


Having a business establishment is the most essential venture every success-minded person should get into. Poverty in a nation, unemployment and corruption are caused by not seeing the good part of having a business. Business establishments empower a nation and its citizens. The profound secret of most developed countries of the world, is business-oriented mindset of their citizens. The economy of every nation will rise, if the people of that nation get involve in having business establishments. 

Congratulations to all third world countries, for the successful launching of GLOBALHELPPAYS!

We are here to make sure that businesses are established and successfully run in these countries and other countries of the world. We will give you every needed support to see that you breakthrough from poverty.

As you live your life, don’t waste it. Be a business. Join us today, and you will be glad you did.

We have great news for you! GLOBALHELPPAYS is looking for agents in Nigeria and other countries of the world. Interested persons should write  to us at support@globalhelppays.com or admin@globalhelppays.com.